Breakdown of the Play-to-Earn ecosystem


$AQUA token will be the main multifunction token of AquaShop. This token will be used in our ecosystem as an in game utility token while also offering staking and LP rewards to its holders.
Players will leverage $AQUA to purchase Packs, Cards, Shop upgrades and other Marketplace items. The team will make later changes to add further incentives to holding $Aqua for in game bonuses and allow for the participation in the AquaShop governance voting system.

Token Distribution

The planned token distribution is the following:
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Community- Play to Earn: 350,000,000 = 35% of the total supply
Staking Rewards: 90,000,000 = 9% of the total supply
Air Drop: 70,000,000 = 7% of the total supply
NFT Staking: 30,000,000 = 3% of the total supply
LP Rewards: 60,000,000 = 6% of the total supply
Marketing / Events: 50,000,000 = 5% of the total supply
Team / Development: 200,000,000 = 20% of the total supply
Reserve Fund: 100,000,000 = 10% of the total supply
Advisors / Partners: 20,000,000 = 2% of the total supply
Private Sale: 30,000,000 = 3% of the total supply
All $AQUA token allocation for Marketing, Partners, Private sale, and Team / Development will be subject to a vesting period upon which the tokens will be released.


The $Clam token will be used as the reward token for playing AquaShop. This token will have an infinite supply and be used primarily for purchasing in game items and upgrading your shop.
The AquaShop NFT marketplace and the in-game booster shop will be functional with the use of the $Clam token. Token used for in-game shop purchases and upgrades will be burned at equal values.
$Clam will be released seasonally and divided among players based on the total pool of all players SP (shop points). This reward pool size will be set by the team for early stage development. In the final stages of development there will be a governance vote on the final reward pool amounts that will be set until future releases.
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