Open market for buying and selling of AquaShop assets

The Market

AquaShop will maintain its own marketplace integrated with Hive Blockchain.
Players will be able to trade Cards, Shop Deeds and other in game assets on this marketplace using the games own tokens, as well as tokens like Swap.Hive and HBD.
As we grow and further the development of the game and ecosystem, we hope to eventually bridge onto other Blockchains to further the reach of AquaShop's potential playerbase.
Portions of Market transitions and 10% of all sales will be delegated to a Donation Fund to be later dispersed out to community chosen donation groups and reputable research funds. These donations will be made with the communities vote to allow for full player involvement.

Asset Delegation

AquaShop will allow the delegation of cards between players. Cards are able to be sent freely between players for 0 fees and will be returnable upon the sender's request. We feel this will allow for the incentive of guild owned assets and scholarship programs.
Shops will have a similar function to card delegation. Shop owners will be able to "rent" out or lend their unused buildings to other players for item creation.
Cards will have a cooldown upon being returned to the owner. During this period they will not be able to be used for a determined amount of time. If a player requests the return of an already in use card, the recipient will no longer have access to the card and the tank slot will be freed for use.
Sharing Cards and Buildings will be a key way new players and groups are able to enter into the new ecosystem that AquaShop is looking to create.
Last modified 6mo ago