The Tanks

Don't drop these...
Along with the fish, Shop owners will also be needing Fish Tanks to house their equipment and grow their select breeds.
Fish Tanks share the same rarity scale as fish with there being Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary versions. These Fish Tanks have a chance to influence the growth and overall final quality of the fish grown. With higher rarity tanks and better upgrades you will be able to house more fish while having the ability to further increase their quality.

Fish Tank Stats

  • 1 Fish capacity
  • 2 Fish capacity
  • Low increased star chance
  • 3 Fish capacity
  • Medium increased star chance
  • 4 Fish capacity
  • High increased star chance

Shiny Fish Tank Card

As mentioned shiny versions of cards will have increased benefits in game as listed below:
  • 2x base Trait % chance
  • Minimum 2 star quality fish
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