AquaShop Chests

In AquaShop, Fish and Fish Tank NFTs are necessary to play the game and interact with the ecosystem. These assets will be acquired through opening an AquaShop Chest or purchasing cards from our in game marketplace.
The first AquaShop chest that will be available is the Alpha Chest.

AquaShop Alpha Chest

Pulled from the murky waters
Each Chest will contain 5 NFT cards of the following rarities.
  • Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
Cards have a chance to be either a Fish or a Fish Tank.
  • Each card NFT will have a 0.5% chance of being a Shiny Foil.

Shiny Foil Cards

All NFTs from AquaShop Chests have a small chance of being a Shiny Foil! These cards will have increased benefits through rewards, higher base shop value and other in game incentives. These cards will be extremely limited in quantity and necessary to maximize play-to-earn rewards.
Last modified 6mo ago