Brief overview of AquaShops early game structure
To start, you'll want to have acquired some AquaShop Chests. You should find yourself with a variety of new fishy NFTs after opening them! These will be necessary on your path as a aquatic Shop entrepreneur.
Growing the Fish
Fish cultivation will be broken up into seasons where certain fish are more in demand than others by the customers at the Local Fish Shop. Every season will last 14 days and a selection of 5 different fish will be available for growth and sale. As more cards get released more fish will be available for sale per season.
Fish cards can only be used once per season and will need to recover on cooldown before they can be used again. Legendary fish do not have a cooldown and can be used continuously throughout the season.
The selected fish will stay in the tank for its determined growth cycle. When the cycle ends and the fish is removed from the tank, the fish will be given a star quality. This star quality will range between 1-3 stars and be based on the total care of the fish. There is a small chance the fish will adapt a special trait as well.
Star Quality:
  • 1 star - no change
  • 2 star - 2x Shop Point value
  • 3 star - 3x Shop Point value
Traits can range from a simple fin mutation to the the rare and sought after Albino effect. Players will be able to influence these chances by acquiring rarer tanks and improving their fishes ecosystem. They also have the option of feeding their fish Miracle Flakes from the booster shop which have been said to have a crazy effect!
Each fish card will be categorized as Fresh or Salt. Once a fish of a specified salinity is placed in a tank, only fish of the same type can be grown in that tank. Specialized fish will be available that are not affected by this constraint.
Schooling fish
Select cards, marked by the numbered Fish symbol, will produce more than one fish when their growth time is up! Fish in this category will give a lower amount of Shop Points per fish grown, but the amount collectively will be the same. This will also give you more chances at possibly a 2 or 3 star fish!

Season Rewards
After the season ends, rewards will then be given out based on the amount of Shop Points (SP) your aqua shop has produced compared to other shops. Rewards will be given in $Clam, the reward token of the game. A players main objective in a season would be to produce the most SP compared others on the Seasonal Leaderboard.
Season Reward Chests
Each season players will have a chance at receiving a reward chest. These chests will be given out once a certain criteria of tasks have been met. This criteria may vary but will have a SV threshold (Shop Value).
The value of chests contents will scale based on the Players total Shop Value. Contents of the chests will vary from token rewards to NFT rewards and will be influenced by a players Shop Value reward tier.
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