Player owned real-estate in the AquaShop universe!
In AquaShop players will have the option of owning their very own customizable shop within the game and on the blockchain!
Shop Deeds will be sold directly to players and will contain one shop of a varying rarity. These will be a limited asset that will only have one mint. Players will be able to upgrade their shops and trade them with others on the AquaShop marketplace.

Shop Crafting & Upgrades

The primary buildings that a player can acquire through a Shop Deed include a Greenhouse, Workshop, and Nursery. These buildings will increase the efficiency of your shop sales through growth of plants, creation of in game equipment and an increase of fish production. Shop owners will have access to special craftable items only available to Shop holders. The items will however be NFTs that can be bought and traded on the marketplace.

Resource Gathering

Each shop will have access to a special resource. These resources will be used to create the NFTs within each of the purchasable buildings. Collection of these resources will depend on a players Shop level and upgrades. Unwanted or extra resources will have the option to be sold on the AquaShop marketplace or traded to other crafty Shop keeps.
Owning a shop in this game will unlock gameplay abilities that otherwise would not be accessible. We feel this will allow players to create alternative methods of play based on their level of asset ownership. To fully experience what AquaShop has to offer a player will want to take a shot at owning their very own shop!
Shop Inventory
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